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June 2002 Award Winner

XcDirectory is a powerful web site and link indexing system. It allows you to set up your own directory of links right on your own site. You can now have features on your web site that are just like those found on the biggest sites like Yahoo, Google Directory and others! 
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XcDirectory can bring your web site the kind of features that are usually only found on sites that have their own programmers and large site development budgets. However, you don't need any of that because now you can have those same kind of features right on your own web site by using XcDirectory. XcDirectory is an ASP web server application that you install on your web site to provide these advanced features. Try out the online demo and see for yourself how XcDirectory can make your site more interesting and useful. Even if you do not understand all the terminiology or technology mentioned here, XCENT can help you add XcDirectory to your web site. Just contact us if you are interested in using XcDirectory to make your site an invaluable resource to your users.

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